What would be a better way to relax in the middle of busy early-spring than sitting back in sauna enjoying nice steams with some cold beverages?

Konsulttinuoret offers this for 30 members on March 28th at 18:30-20:30!

Evening offers an unique opportunity for our members to relax and meet colleagues in Löyly - an urban oasis. This is also a good chance to see and experience Löyly in case you have not visited it yet.
Join the group and have some quality time with other young consultants ans designers!

There is room for 15 men and 15 women due to the limited numbers of lockers.
If either quota will not fill up, more men or women will be added until total 30 first enrolled persons are in.

Enrollment will open on Monday, March 13th at 12:00!

Location and more info:

Questions and comments:

EDIT 19.3.2017:
Enrollment closed!