Konsulttinuoret - Young Professionals


Konsulttinuoret is a network for young consultants and designers established in 2013. The network is aimed at young consultants and students in the field of industry, building construction and infrastructure construction. The network operates under The Finnish Association of Consulting Firms SKOL but members are not limited to employees of SKOL companies. Konsulttinuoret is run by a separate working group.

The aim of Konsulttinuoret is to promote the networking of young consultants, designers and clients, to maintain and develop professional skills of young designers and to boost the attractiveness of design industry to university and polytechnic students. The network is used also to inform members of the activities and training opportunities of SKOL ry.


There are thousands of young consultants and designers working in the field of industry, building construction and infrastructure construction whose networking is fragmented. In some areas young professionals have a wide range of opportunities to network but there has not been a common network for design and consultancy young professionals in the past. It is foreseeable that the operating environment of the design sector is becoming more and more diverse making co-operation between different sectors ever more important. This is the perfect reason to join forces between the young professionals.

A large number of experienced experts will be retiring in the next few years and due to the recession of 1990s there are not enough “natural” followers to do the job. This is why young people will have to step up into more responsible positions at an earlier stage of their careers than their older counterparts. Development demands raising the profile of young professionals and preparing them to take on the challenges ahead.

For whom?

The Konsulttinuoret network is targeted at young consultants, designers and clients as well as students in the field of industry, building construction and infrastructure construction. People who are not employed by SKOL ry companies can also join the network.

More information about the events and activities of the current year can be found on the Konsulttinuoret activities and communication plan (in Finnish) or on the website and monthly info emails sent to members. 

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