Workgroup 2021 - Search has ended

SKOL Young Professionals' search for new workgroup members has ended. Thanks to everyone who applied!

Workgroup search has ended, thanks to everyone who applied!

The year is approaching it’s ending which means that SKOL Young Professionals are seeking new members for its next year’s workgroup. Our mission is to organize and develop actively our events and network, as well as promote the attractiveness of the industry.

The members of the workgroup are representing their employer which means only employees of the SKOL member companies can apply with the permission of their employer. There is one spot for a student member, though! Age limit for joining the workgroup is 35 years. We hope that members can commit to the workgroup for two years, so that the workgroup has each year both new and experienced members.

Do you want to chip in and develop SKOL Young Professionals’ activities and operations? Do you want to organize interesting events and meet new colleagues? Come and join the workgroup via this link!